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Many people develop pain in a muscle, joint or their spine, on day to day activities or at work, rather than during sport.

Common examples of this are patients who have back pain due to lifting something, shoulder pain due to a repetitive task or knee pain following gardening.

Low Back Pain

Have you ever suffered from low back pain? Learn how to manage it in this short video.

Why Ulster Sports Medicine Clinic

As a Sports Medicine Doctor I am ideally placed to see patients with these conditions. The injured body-part is often the same as the injured body-part in a sports person but the reason it has occurred is often different and the treatment can be different.

I will take a detailed history of what has happened, perform an examination, refer for investigations if appropriate, give an accurate diagnosis and plan treatment.

At the Ulster Sports Medicine Clinic you will have an assessment to determine if you could benefit from an injection. I have many years experience in giving joint and soft tissue injections. I use these injections on a daily basis as part of an overall treatment programme but they are only appropriate for specific conditions. They are never essential and if you have a dislike of injections or a needle phobia there are always other non-injection options. When given appropriately, by an experienced practitioner, injections can dramatically speed up your recovery.

From years of experience, I have also developed close links with highly qualified Chartered Physiotherapists, Podiatrists, Joint Injections and Orthopaedic Surgeons who I can directly refer you to if required.

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